HIOKI In-Circuit and Flying probe Testers


Rest assured the in-circuit testing of a surface mount technology board assembly is fast and efficient with Hioki’s FA1240 flying probe tester. The FA1240 tester offers a variety of benefits that conventional test equipment does not. Some of these benefits include fixture-less inspection for quick set up, and proficient testing of misplaced components, faulty components, and poor contacts. Through Hioki’s unique method of resistance testing, the exclusive solder joint integrity test is able to assess solder joints rapidly, while simultaneously preventing board and component damage through the use of Hioki’s soft-landing feature.

Hioki’s four terminal measurement function, one that our competitors do not offer, can detect minute differences between inadequate and high-quality soldering. The standard automated optical inspection function is much more reliable than a simple visual check, and will analyze a component’s displacement, presence, and polarity. Hioki’s flying probe test can be executed at a rapid pace of up to 40 steps per second with a probing pitch of 0.2mm.




  • Evaluates solder joints between lands and leads by resistance testing
  • 40 steps/sec. measuring rate
  • AOI function checks component presence, polarity and displacement
  • Soft-landing probes to prevent board and component damage
  • Minimum probing pitch of 0.2mm
  • Fast fixture-less setup
  • Optional Siemens CAD conversion software
  • Optional Gerber data based programming
  • User-friendly Windows® 7 operation

    1220 Bed-of-Nails (BON) In-Circuit Tester

  • High-speed and efficient in-circuit testing
  • Automatic Test Generation (ATG) function
  • Remote self-diagnostic feature
  • Data stored in CSV format for off-line analysis
  • Wide range measurement capabilities
  • Compact, space-saving footprint
  • User-friendly Windows® 2000/XP operation

    1220 Benchtop Model

  • Flexible and cost-effective
  • Adaptable to third-party BON fixtures
  • Specifications

    Quick and Organized Analysis

    Through our proven Bed of Nails testing, consistent contact can be made rapidly with thousands of check points throughout the Device Under Test. Data from our flying probe test can be analyzed thoroughly thanks to the use of Hioki’s sophisticated SPC tools which come standard. Our testers provide the option of automatic test generation so users can feel comfortable knowing their inspection program is going to be fully optimized.

    Cost Effectiveness

    With its wide variety of measurement techniques for analyzing data, along with ultra-fast speed testing speed, the Hioki FA1240 flying probe tester is undeniably a cost effective way to efficiently and quickly assess any circuit board assembly with absolute confidence. With Hioki’s 1220 series of fixture based In-Circuit Testers, adaptability to third party bed of nails equipment can also save you time and money.